If you have more than a handful of HomeKit accessories in your home, then you know how challenging it can be to find the right device at the right time in the Home app. Luckily, there is a simple fix—Rooms and Zones.

With Rooms and Zones in the Home app, you’ll not only make it easier to track your accessories down, but you’ll also benefit from the ability to have more natural conversations with Siri. We’ll show you how to create, edit, and customize Rooms and Zones in the Home app.


What Are Home App Rooms And Zones?

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As you might expect, Rooms in the Home app allow you to organize your smart home with specific locations in your home. So, when you add a smart home product to Apple HomeKit—like a lamp on your nightstand—you can assign it to a bedroom.

Having your devices in different Rooms allows you to focus only on the accessories relevant to your location in the Home app. Rooms also enable you to declutter the favorites area of the Home app by moving less frequently-used devices out of the front page.

Like how Rooms organize your accessories, Zones help manage your Rooms. For example, if your home has multiple bedrooms on the top floor, you can create an upstairs Zone to combine them.

Creating an upstairs Zone allows you to use Siri with your smart home devices more naturally. Instead of addressing each bedroom, you only need to tell Siri to turn off all the upstairs lights in one command.

Create, Edit, and Add Accessories to a Room

To add a Room, start by launching the Home app. Next, tap the + button near the top right corner of your screen, followed by Add Room.

Use the keyboard to name your Room, then tap done. Now tap Take Photo… or Choose from Existing to customize your room’s wallpaper. Finally, tap Save to complete your room. If you make a mistake and need to delete a Room, tap Remove Room at the bottom of the Room Settings screen.

Once you have a room in your home, you can add existing accessories with a few taps. Simply tap and hold an accessory, tap Accessory Details, then tap a Room.

Customize Your Rooms

The Home app provides several ways to customize your rooms. If you wish to edit a Room’s wallpaper, you can do so via Room Settings. Launch the Home app, then tap the More… button at the top of your screen.

Now, tap the name of your Room, followed by the More… button again. Next, tap Room Settings, then Take Photo… or Choose from Existing.

If you choose Take Photo…, tap the Capture button, then Use Photo. From here, you can add a blur effect by tapping Blur or save your image by tapping Set.

If you select Choose from Existing, tap an image from your Photos Album or one of the presets followed by Set.

The Home app also allows you to rearrange your accessories and resize their icons to suit your needs.

To edit a room view, launch the Home app, then tap the More… button. Next, tap a Room, tap the More… button, then tap Edit Room View.

Tap and hold an accessory, then drag it to a desired location to rearrange your room. To adjust icon size, tap an accessory, then tap the expand button that appears near the top right corner. To save your changes, tap Done.

Create, Edit, and Add to a Zone

As previously mentioned, Home app Zones allow you to group multiple rooms. For instance, if you have a multi-level house, you can group rooms on an upper level into an upstairs Zone.

To access Zones, launch the Home app, then tap the More… button. Now, tap a room, tap the More… button, then tap Room Settings.

To assign a room to a zone simply tap Zone then Done. If you need to create a Zone, tap a suggestion, or Create New. If creating a Zone, use the keyboard to give it a name, tap done, then tap Done near the top right corner of your screen.

If you ever need to delete a Zone, simply swipe to the left on your list of Zones, then tap Delete.

Organize Your HomeKit Home With Rooms and Zones

Creating Rooms and Zones in the Home app makes it easier than ever to find your accessories. Rooms and Zones also make voice commands with Siri more natural, so you can now say phrases such as —Hey Siri, turn off the lights in the kitchen.

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