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“So, I’ve been thinking about strength, man,” confides World Tour’s triumphant intro narrator. He ponders, “Is it money? Authority? A cool job? A ton of likes?”

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The answer to this question sets the tone for your journey in Street Fighter 6’s expansive single-player RPG mode. And while we may not know the answer yet, we can put you on the right path with a walkthrough of World Tour’s first chapter.

WARNING: The following guide contains spoilers from Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode.

Prologue (Mission Walkthrough)

Luke inspects his latest recruit Flip's ID at the beginning of World Tour mode in Street Fighter 6.

What would a single-player campaign be without an introductory tutorial? Everyone’s gotta start somewhere, and your journey begins at the Buckler Training Center.


After Luke’s flashy intro cutscene, he’ll introduce himself to you. Then, you’ll get to create your avatar fighter. If you’re diehard for details, you’ll probably spend your first several hours in World Tour mode on avatar creation alone.

Avatar creation is much more than a cosmetic perk. Your physique, including height, build, limb length, and more, will affect your avatar’s range and how they move in matches.

After you finish creating the hottest version of yourself imaginable (Just me? Nevermind.), you’ll learn the basics of world movement and fight controls.

There isn’t much to worry about in this section. Just follow the instructions, and you’ll be fine. The only caveat is that you can only use Modern Controls in Chapter 1. (So, get ready to adapt, Classic Control purists!)

After your tutorial, you’ll put your new skills to work in a match against your fellow Buckler student, Bosch. Once you defeat Bosch, the real fun begins!

Chapter 1 – 1: New Kid On The Block (Mission Walkthrough)

Luke sends his first text messages to you on your Smart Device in Street Fighter 6.

Like anyone new to the big city, you’ll begin your adventure in a giant tourist trap. Yes, I’m talking about Times Beat Square, the center of Metro City. Once you and Bosch get acquainted with the sights, Luke will contact you on your phone and assign the Chapter 1 mission.

Step 1: Talk To Alice

Bosch and Flip talk to Alice, one of Chun-li's apprentices, in Beat Square.

Your first assignment is to talk to Alice. She’s hard to miss. You’ll see her wearing a loud pink jumpsuit and glasses across the street. After conversing, she’ll challenge you to a match.

Your match with Alice is less of a bout and more like a challenge mission. In this match, you must land 10 hits with assisted combos.

So, how do you perform assisted combos? All you need to do is hold down the Auto button and continuously tap the Light, Medium, or Heavy Attack button.

Step 2: Beat Two Avatars

Flip begins an Avatar Battle against a woman in a green shirt in front of a coffee shop in Beat Square in Street Fighter 6.

Once you complete Alice’s challenge, she’ll encourage you to engage in avatar battles with other Metro City citizens. You must defeat two avatars, then report to Alice.

Engaging in an Avatar Battle is straightforward. First, approach an avatar to view their name, level, and Drop Locks. Once you’ve reviewed these details, press the “Fight” button to begin.

Drop Locks are unique victory conditions each avatar has. Meeting the conditions rewards items, Miles, Zenny, and more!

Engage with avatars whose level matches yours to ensure two quick victories. If you’re feeling extra enthusiastic, you can fight and grind up your level for as long as you like before reporting to Alice.

Step 3: Grab A Meal At The Food Truck

Flip orders a Pepperoni Pizza from Shopkeeper Biz at Everyone's Meal, a shop in Street Fighter 6.

After you report to Alice, Luke will give you a buzz encouraging you to recover your lost vitality with a good meal. So, walk across the street from Alice to the red food cart near the red folding tables. Then, order a pizza from Shopkeeper Biz.

You can order a Vegetarian Pizza (150 Zenny) or a Pepperoni Pizza (250 Zenny).

Step 4: Follow The Mission Icon To The Back Alley

Alice's brothers, Tracy and Ryan, reveal they were pretending to be gang members after a battle in Street Fighter 6's World Tour mode.

The next time you chat with Luke, he’ll alert you to some nefarious denizens in a nearby Back Alley. Follow the mission icon on your map to locate the two enemies wearing cardboard boxes on their heads.

Unlike the battles you’ve fought up to this point, both avatars will fight you simultaneously. Fortunately, you’ll have Bosch to help take them down.

When the battle ends, the cardboard hooligans will discard their masks, revealing Alice’s brothers, Tracy and Ryan. It turns out the siblings were testing you the whole time!

This lesson covers the difference between citizens and denizens. Citizens are non-confrontational and show their faces. Denizens hide their faces and will attack you unprompted. In addition, Denizen names are marked in red.

Step 5: Buy New Clothes

Flip tries on Street Cap ɛ in the Drippin' Style shop in Street Fighter 6's World Tour mode.

When you follow up with Luke, he’ll admit he knew about the ruse. Then, he’ll encourage you to go shopping (treat yo’self, I guess?). Your next assignment is to buy new gear.

Head to the Drippin’ Style Store by returning the way you came past the Beat Square storefronts. Drippin’ Style has a gaudy sign above its shop window. You can’t miss it.

Once inside Drippin’ Style, you’ll learn about Gear Effects. After the tutorial, buy yourself Street Cap ɛ (costs 300 Zenny) to complete the task.

Step 6: Find Luke

Flip and Bosch prepare to battle Luke at Beat Sqaure in Street Fighter 6.

After you tell Luke about your new swag, he’ll let you know he’s arrived in Beat Square and wants to meet.

Follow the mission icon to the location where you started Chapter 1. Then, Luke will test your and Bosch’s skills in a two-on-one battle!

This battle is a little tricky. Take some time to level up your avatar before taking on Luke. We were able to defeat him with a Level 9 avatar.

Once you’ve proven yourself to Luke, he’ll officially enroll you as his student. You’ll also receive a Street Fiber Enhancement Item. (Street Fiber. Get it? Ha!)

This interaction ends sourly since Bosch decides he is unwilling to wait to find strength. After a confrontation with Luke, he’ll stomp away while you both longingly reach out for him from afar.

Step 7: Thank Alice

Alice refers the player to Chun-li during a conversation at Beat Square in Street Fighter 6.

After Bosch’s bitter departure, Luke will ask you to thank Alice on his behalf. You’ll find Alice hanging out in the same spot she was in at the beginning of the chapter.

During your chat, Alice will refer you to her teacher, the renowned Chun-Li, and direct you to her class in Chinatown.

Thus concludes Chapter 1. From this point, you can now use Classic Controls (See? That wasn’t so bad, was it?)

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Notable Avatars

Flip fights a Mime at Beat Square in Street Fighter 6.

There are several interesting characters you’ll encounter in Beat Square. Furthermore, they offer some sweet rewards. Here are some of our favorites.

Shopkeeper Biz

Flip knocks out Shopkeeper Biz after a fight at Beat Square in Street Fighter 6.

  • Location: Everyone’s Meal Food Cart
  • Level: 3

Drop Lock Condition

Drop Lock Reward

Defeat without using items

300 Zenny

Defeat in 12 seconds or less

400 Zenny

Hit with five Unique Attacks

550 Zenny

Pierre, The Solid Gold Man

Flip approaches a performance artist named Pierre at Beat Square in Street Fighter 6.

  • Location: Next to Beat Square Hair Cuts at the opposite end of Beat Square
  • Level: 5

Drop Lock Condition

Drop Lock Reward

Hit with three aerial attacks

300 Miles

Perform one wall jump while this opponent is in play

350 Miles

Perform three wall jumps while this opponent is in play

Chun-Li’s Style: 100 EXP


Flip approaches a Mime performing at Beat Square in Street Fighter 6.

  • Location: In front of the red Tickets stand near the side of the road
  • Level: 7

Drop Lock Condition

Drop Lock Reward

Hit with three Unique Attacks

Ironbar Caramels x 1

Hit with six Unique Attacks

Tough Jawbreakers x 1

Defeat with a Special Move

Luke’s Style: 100 EXP

Hidden Goodies

Flip finds a hidden SiRN chest behind the Ticket Stand in Street Fighter 6's Beat Square.

There is one hidden goodie you can scope out in Beat Square. You’ll find it behind the red Ticket stand beside the wooden barrels. This SiRN Chest contains a hefty 5,000 Miles!

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