Money is king in GTA Online. Some of the best ways to make money in GTA Online involve the player getting crafty. Whether it’s robbing a bank, winning a race, or, for something more street-ready, stealing a car. Players can find a decent amount of cars on the streets of San Andreas to sell to Los Santos Customs for a quick few bucks.

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Players can sell vehicles they already own or cars they think to look nice on the streets. Players will want to keep their eyes open for these cars on the street while noting the most expensive cars in GTA Online that could fetch a decent price on the resell market.



9 Declasse Tornado Convertible

Declasse Tornado Convertible

Don’t be fooled by the Tornado Convertible. This vehicle may seem common, and may only sell for $3,000. However, the real version of the Tornado Convertible that players are looking for is the one that can be found around Gang Territories. This version of the Tornado Convertible sells for $12,575.

Players can find and steal the Declasse Tornado Convertible gang variants in Chamberlain Hills, Rancho, and Grove Street. Each Tornado Convertible they find will be indicated by the color they find, whether it’s green, purple, or yellow.

8 Vapid Peyote

Vapid Peyote

Players will want to find the pre-modified version of the Vapid Peyote, as this version will sell for $12,940. That’s a decent price for a vehicle just sitting there waiting for someone to sell it. Although, the owner of the vehicle may disagree, especially if they are a gang member.

The Vapid Peyote pre-modified variant is another vehicle found in Gang Territories of the Families, Ballas, and Vagos, with their locations being in Rancho, Grove Street, and Chamberlain Hills. Be warned, stealing this vehicle will make the gang members hostile, so players might want to stock up on body armor.

7 Ubermacht Sentinel XS

Ubermacht Sentinel XS

As a variant of the standard Sentinel base model, the Ubermacht Sentinel XS has another pre-modified variant that players will want to search around for at Eclipse Blvd, Little Seoul, and by Los Santos Customs in purple and yellow variants. The price for this variant is $17,420.

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Even though players will want the Ubermacht Sentinel XS to sell, it’s a decent car with a top speed of 117.25 mph, so players might want to keep this car in their bunker for safe keeping. Finding this vehicle won’t have the player shot at by a gang, but it may cause an unknown contact to put a bounty on them, especially since it’s such a nice car.

6 Benefactor Dubsta 2

Benefactor Dubsta 2

The easiest way to find the pre-modified Benefactor Dubsta 2 is to look for the version with chrome details and blacked-out-trims. This pre-modified variant sells for $23,750. However, even the normal version of the car sells for $7,000. That’s a fairly decent price for a common vehicle.

The pre-modified version of this vehicle can be found outside of Los Santos Customs for Burton, LSIA, and La Mesa. Otherwise, the normal Dubsta 2 can be found at Union Depository, Mission Row Police Station, Eclipse Blvd, Vinewood Blvd, Boulevard Del Perro, and Cassidy Creek Bridge. It’s a great vehicle for it’s armor protection, meaning bounty hunter players can avoid gunfire in their chase.

5 Ubermacht Sentinel

Ubermacht Sentinel

The Ubermacht Sentinel does not have a pre-modified variant, which makes it a much more easily accessible vehicle to sell, especially for its great selling price without the need to find a rarer version. The Ubermacht Sentinel can be sold for $9,500 when found off of the street.

For GTA Online, players will have to search around Paleto Bay and Los Santos Golf Club to potentially find the Ubermacht Sentinel. It’s a vehicle worth stealing, even if the driver is in their seat waiting to drive home after a long day. It’s a criminal game after all.

4 Vapid Dominator

Vapid Dominator

The Vapid Dominator is not a rare vehicle, which is what makes it one of the best vehicles to sell in GTA Online. Although the standard Vapid Dominator can be sold for $3,500 from the street, the pre-modified version can be sold for a whopping $19,940.

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If players want to find the default Vapid Dominator, they will be looking in Pillbox Hill’s area for one of the best muscle cars in GTA Online. However, the pre-modified variant is found outside of Los Santos Customs, so if players are getting a vehicle modified, then they will want to get into the parked Vapid Dominator instead.

3 Lampadati Felon GT

Lampadati Felon GT

As a vehicle just found off of the street, the Lampadati Felon GT sells for $9,500. This vehicle is found around some popular areas of the game Rockford Hills and Vinewood Hills due to the location of the best apartments in GTA Online. Those two areas are quite popular with expensive vehicles, as well as dangerous players in GTA Online, so it’s best to keep safe within these areas by hunting for vehicles.

The Lampadati Felon GT has some great stats, making it a great starting vehicle for GTA Online players. The statistics of the vehicle could benefit the player, but, the fact that it’s a common spawn, gives it to Los Santos Customs for free cash.

2 Gallivanter Baller

Gallivanter Baller

In Del Perro Freeway and Vespucci Beach. Players will find the off-road SUV vehicle the Gallivanter Baller. This chunky vehicle is a great sell, as players can give it to Los Santos Customs with a return price of $9,000. However, the Gallivanter Baller will need to be in perfect condition to sell at that price, so it’s best to drive slow and avoid running people over.

Being found within two locations, the Gallivanter Baller is a decent and not-so-rare find that should always be sold. The price may not be the same as a bank heist, but the Gallivanter Baller is a great sell for finding it on the way somewhere.

1 Weeny Arena Issi

For something quite different, the Issi vehicle cannot be found on the street but must be purchased as the Issi Classic for $360,000 from Southern San Andreas Super Autos and the Arena War site. The Issi Classic can then be converted at the Arena Workshop for $1,089,000. Additional customizations will increase the bill, but also increase the selling price at Los Santos Customs.

Having a Weeny Arena Issi converted into the Apocalypse, Future Shock or Nightmare variants is a good backup idea, as players will be able to sell it for over $2,000,000. However, players will want to find a GTA Online duplication glitch to have an infinite supply of the Issi and the money from selling it. Although, it’s best to hide such a glitch within a secret facility to avoid any problems from Rockstar Games.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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