Fortnite‘s latest chapter gives a new aesthetic to the island, but its mission design leaves something to be desired. After the last few seasons have maintained a consistent system for bringing missions to players, Chapter 4 Season 3 is changing the dynamic with a new approach. However, unlike many of Fortnite‘s advancements, this one feels like a step back from what was in place before. As a result, the missions are more cumbersome than they should be. These changes could have an effect on several Fortnite players’ performances, even though they may seem minor at first glance.


There is a lot that players can expect from Fortnite‘s new season, even though it only launched a few days ago. The new island features a lot of jungles to explore and ruins to find loot in, as well as dinosaurs for the players to ride. Thankfully, last season’s additions have not been sacrificed in the process. Mega City and its surrounding POIs are still accessible. In fact, the grind rails that debuted last season have been expanded upon, with the new jungles featuring several vines for players to grind on as well. Just like in most seasons, Fortnite‘s island keeps getting more interesting, but those hoping to finish the pass may be spending more time on the island than usual.

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Fortnite’s New Mission Structure Can Slow Player Progress

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Unfortunately, one downside to the season can be seen with Fortnite‘s new slate of Milestone quests. While previous seasons had a long list of missions that would reward players with XP for reaching certain thresholds, they have been replaced with three categories that only offer one mission apiece at a time. Likewise, the weekly missions have also seen a revamp, with the previous lists of missions now reduced to up to three at a time, with further missions locked until a previous mission is completed. This new design gives players far fewer missions at once, slowing the rate at which they can complete them.

Chapter 4 Season 3’s new mission setup may have gameplay repercussions, similar to how Fortnite‘s new season removed mobility items. The most obvious change is that with only a few missions available at a time, players will only be able to make progress on a smaller list of goals at once. Because missions are the main way for players to gain experience, this can make earning XP in order to progress through the season’s battle pass significantly slower. Not to mention, the new method of unlocking weekly missions risks locking players out of certain missions if they can’t complete the prerequisites.

There are admittedly a few new additions to the season that might be able to help balance this mission system out. Fortnite‘s new Snapshot missions offer extra questlines that will grant XP as the player completes them in addition to expanding the season’s lore. Players also have access to older sources of XP from past seasons. Daily missions still offer solid XP rewards three times per day, and players can still earn solid amounts of XP from playing Creative maps. The amount of options for players to earn XP can hopefully offset the more restrictive mission requirements in Chapter 4 Season 3.

Collecting XP for the Battle Pass is a major part of Fortnite‘s Battle Royale experience, and players will need to earn a lot in order to get Fortnite‘s new Optimus Prime skin at the end of the ladder. The changes made to Weekly and Milestone missions act as a partial roadblock, preventing the player from clearing missions as quickly as they could before. It feels strange that this new system would be put in place after the last few seasons have worked so swimmingly. While the path through Fortnite‘s new battle pass is still achievable, it will be a longer road than before.

Fortnite is available now for Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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