Meta’s instant messaging platform is constantly under development by WhatsApp developers, who are constantly striving to add new features. Whenever WhatsApp releases new updates, they always include exciting new features designed to improve the platform’s user interface and privacy. WhatsApp is anticipated to introduce a slew of new features to enhance the instant messaging experience for its users, including a camera switch, the option to send high-quality messages, an increased word limit for group subjects, and more.

WhatsApp is developing new features for its Android, iOS, and web users, according to WAbetainfo. These features are currently being developed or tested, and it is anticipated that they will be made available to all users in subsequent updates. Let’s go over the upcoming WhatsApp features in detail and how they will work.

Here are the Upcoming Features

1. Icon to send high-quality images

WhatsApp plans to add a new setting icon to its drawing tool header that lets users adjust the quality of their photos. Users will be able to send photos in their original quality thanks to the new feature. In contrast to the current choice, which compresses pictures automatically,

The feature may be made available in subsequent updates to the instant messaging app and is said to be in development. However, once it is implemented, users will be able to adjust the quality of their photos before sending them by using a new icon in the photo settings.

2. Longer group subjects and descriptions

WhatsApp has increased the character limit for group subjects and descriptions in its most recent beta update for Android users. In the past, a WhatsApp group topic could only be 25 characters long. However, users will soon be able to write up to one hundred words. In addition, the platform will raise the character limit from 512 to 2048, making it simpler to explain the group’s name and mission.

Notably, Android beta testers currently have access to the feature, which will be made available to a wider audience in subsequent updates.

3. Text Editor

WhatsApp is also developing a new drawing tool-specific text editor. According to a Wabetainfo report, the meta-owned platform is currently undergoing a redesign of the text editor and will soon add additional features that will enable users to customize their text before sending it.

WhatsApp plans to add three new features to the drawing tool with the new text editor.

The ability to quickly switch between different fonts by tapping the font options above the keyboard is one of the features.

— The capacity to alter the alignment of the text (left, center, right).

— The option to change the background color of the text to make it stand out.

— The new text editor is currently in development and is anticipated to be included in subsequent app updates.

4. New Fonts

WhatsApp is said to be working on adding new fonts to the new text editor in addition to the alignments and backgrounds. Users will be able to add text in various fonts and edit text in images, videos, and GIFs thanks to the new feature.

The text editor of WhatsApp is said to now include the fonts Calistoga, Courier Prime, Damion, Exo 2, and Morning Breeze.

Notably, the fonts can only be added to the drawing editor, not to chat messages or text status updates. In future updates, the feature, which is currently in development, will be available for beta testing.

5. For iOS only, respond to messages in a community group with this update

Within the community announcement group, WhatsApp is said to be working on message responses. On WhatsApp, it is currently not possible to respond to messages sent to the community announcement group. However, users of WhatsApp may soon be able to respond to announcement group messages. The feature is being developed at the moment and will be made available in an upcoming update.

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