After the SimCity reboot proved very controversial and failed to gain an audience, Colossal Order swooped in to save the day with Cities Skylines. The game did almost everything right and quickly cemented the studio as the king of the city-builder genre and management games. Eight years later, Colossal Order is preparing to do it again with the hotly anticipated Cities Skylines 2. While the studio has yet to show an in-depth gameplay preview, the most recent trailer seems to already be hitting all the right notes.


Cities Skylines 2 is set to update the Cities Skylines gameplay and introduce a plethora of exciting additions that should shake up the city-building experience. One of the biggest things that it seems to be doing is giving players more control over how they want to build their cities. That freedom was one of the best parts of Cities Skylines, and Cities Skylines 2 seems to be taking it to an entirely new level. The studio has yet to share exact specifics, but it has made it pretty clear that player choice will be driving this new experience.

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Cities Skylines 2 Knows Why Players Play City Builders

Cities Skylines 2 Roundabout

Cities Skylines 2 made a surprise appearance at the most recent Xbox Games Showcase with the first-ever gameplay trailer. This brief trailer showed off the city-building process and what players can expect from this new title. Cities Skylines veterans should be familiar with the base UI and mechanics, but many of the building tools seem to have been overhauled. It looks like it will give players far more control over their street layouts, public transportation routes, residents, specialty buildings, and so much more. The studio is promising this will be the most realistic city builder ever, and it looks like that may very well be true.

One of the biggest features that Cities Skylines 2‘s trailer highlighted was the fact that the player will drive the entire experience. From the very beginning, it tells the viewer that every single part of the city and its look exists because the player built it. This is their city, they decide what it looks like, and they have total control over everything in front of them. This is what makes the city-builder genre so appealing, and Colossal Order understands that.

Cities Skylines 2‘s tagline further highlights the creative freedom that will be at the player’s fingertips. It simply states that if players can dream it then they can build it. If the game actually stays true to this statement, then players will only be limited by their imaginations. While Cities Skylines gave them a lot of control, this makes it sound like Cities Skylines 2 will give them an unparalleled level of freedom to construct the city of their dreams. This will probably lead to some fantastic community creations and should give the game immense longevity. Cities Skylines 2‘s post-launch DLC will likely build upon this framework, thus giving players many reasons to keep coming back for more.

City builder fans are extremely excited to get their hands on Cities Skylines 2 later this year, and hopefully, it lives up to the hype. If Colossal Order can pull it off a second time, then this series could truly become the next SimCity, but that remains to be seen. More information and gameplay will likely get shown off as the release date nears, and if the studio continues to showcase the freedom this game has to offer then nothing will be able to stop it when it finally hits store shelves.

Cities Skylines 2 will be available for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S on October 24, 2023

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