June 11, 2023, marks an important anniversary in Capcom’s history: the company has been in the games industry for over 40 years. Throughout the decades, the different teams have made fantastic titles that broke new ground in both graphics and gameplay. Nowadays, Capcom is one of the most acclaimed and trusted gaming publisher, with virtually no controversies compared to most others.

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The company continues to make excellent games but has also abandoned many series over the years. While these series often got thrown away due to a poor entry, that doesn’t mean they can’t be successfully revived. Many of them have large fanbases that would love a brand-new entry or even remasters of the old games.



8 Marvel Vs. Capcom

Ghost Rider, Nova, and Wolverine facing up against Vergil, Strider Hiryu, and Ryu in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

While there are many titles in the overall Capcom Versus series, nothing tops Marvel vs. Capcom. One of the best, if not greatest three-versus-three fighters ever made, it still has a massive community. The art style, gameplay, and variety of characters are all extremely good. What killed this series, at least for the time being, is the latest entry, 2017’s Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite.

Currently, Disney owns Fox, but that wasn’t true when Infinite was being made. All the X-Men characters were cut, which was a huge deal breaker for many, considering the series started with X-Men vs. Street Fighter back in 1996. Infinite underperformed, but regardless, the demand for a new entry or even remasters is incredibly high. Licensing can be a pain, but the series is so beloved it has to return.

7 Dino Crisis

A T-Rex busting through in Dino Crisis for the PS1.

Dino Crisis was a bit of an alternate take on Resident Evil. Having the same survival horror gameplay with a few tweaks and being directed by Resident Evil co-creator Shinji Mikami, the first title did really well. The second game was more of an action title with some off-the-wall new story elements.

Dino Crisis 1 and 2 are still held in high regard, but the third game exclusively on the original Xbox killed the series. Just like with horror movies, Capcom sent the Dinosaurs into space, and the quality is equivalent to something like Leprechaun 4. There’s still a large fanbase for these games that would love a modern entry or Resident Evil-style remake.

6 Bionic Commando

One of the later levels in Bionic Commando Rearmed 2.

Playing the 2D Bionic Commando games today is still as fun as it ever was. Platforming with the bionic arm is so fun once you get the movement down, and it’s still pretty unique. Not a lot of games have adopted this style of platforming. Rad Spencer is such a cool character and makes for a great protagonist.

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The 2009 triple-A 3D Bionic Commando game is where stuff when awry. It sold poorly, and the swinging action just didn’t translate all the way to the third dimension. Rearmed 2 came afterward, and that was great, but it remains the final entry. A third Rearmed would be awesome because the series is such a special platformer that you just can’t get anywhere else.

5 Power Stone

Wangtang spins Falcon in a powerful cyclone during a restaurant brawl in Power Stone.

Capcom had a lot of support for the Sega Dreamcast and released many great exclusive games. The first and second Power Stones were developed for arcades and the Dreamcast and were essentially a 3D Super Smash Bros. It worked great and was a lot of fun. Weird how almost no one since has tried to do the Smash Bros formula in a 3D environment.

Most contemporary Smash-like games are in 2D, like Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl and MultiVersus. A rerelease of both Power Stones launched on the PSP, but they need to be on modern platforms. It’s such a special fighting game that you shouldn’t need old hardware to play it.

4 Mega Man Legends

Mega Man next to the Support Car in Mega Man Legends

The reason why Mega Man Legends needs to come back is a bit more complex than other series. First, all three PS1 titles in the series could use a remaster, as they cost a ridiculous amount of money these days. You can still buy them on the digital PS3 store, but a lot don’t have that option.

The second core reason is the story. Mega Man Legends 2 ends on a cliffhanger that remains unresolved all these years later due to the third game being cancelled. Many won’t play the second instalment purely because of that. Unresolved cliffhangers are the worst, so a third game finishing the story would be highly welcome.

3 Dead Rising

Dead Rising Screenshot Of Frank West in the Mall

At first, keeping the Dead Rising series inactive makes sense. Most people only enjoy the first two games, with the third and fourth instalments being heavily disliked. It makes sense not to continue the series, but what about a remake? A remake of Dead Rising in the RE Engine would be so sick.

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Taking advantage of the new hardware to fill this mall with hordes of detailed zombies would be a great step up. Plus, it could iron out a lot of the original’s problems. The disastrous AI that simply won’t cooperate could be fixed, and a timeskip feature would also be really nice.

2 Breath Of Fire

Breath Of Fire 3 PSP Box Art

Capcom has plenty of great RPGs that still see new entries, like Monster Hunter and Dragon’s Dogma. However, one series has been abandoned: Breath of Fire. The first four games launched on the SNES and PS1 are critically acclaimed RPGs and still held in high regard as some of the system’s best by RPG enthusiasts.

The fifth instalment, Dragon Quarter, got decent reviews but received more mixed reception from fans. Breath of Fire 6 was a complete disaster of a mobile phone game, ending the series. If there isn’t a true sequel in the works, at least have the four classic games available on modern platforms. The first two games are on Switch Online, but the series deserves more than that.

1 Viewtiful Joe

A screenshot showing gameplay in Viewtiful Joe

When you think of the works by Hideki Kamiya, games like Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, and Okami come to mind. One of his more forgotten games today is Viewtiful Joe. Originally launched as a GameCube exclusive, it’s a 2D beat-’em-up and a great one at that. A lot of fun but also brutally hard; Viewtiful Joe was successful enough to get a few sequels.

After those sequels, though, the series has done nothing besides its hero appearing in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. A new game would be awesome, or even a remaster, so people won’t have to plug in the old Wii or PS2 to play it. For some reason, PS2-era remasters are rarely done, leaving many great games out of easy reach for modern players.

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