There are many side quests to take on in Diablo 4 to further help level up players’ characters. Some of these side quests can be found by revealing new areas of the map, while others cannot be done until completing certain objectives. The Blood and Sweat side quest in Diablo 4 follows the latter, and players can miss it if they ignore a specific activity. Here is how to unlock the Blood and Sweat quest and how to complete it.

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Diablo 4 Blood and Sweat Quest Walkthrough

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The Blood and Sweat side quest will initially not be available to players until they first complete The Ruins of Qara-Yisu Stronghold. This stronghold is located in the Dry Steppes region, and players can get there by walking west from the Nevesk waypoint.


The Ruins of Qara-Yisu Stronghold will require players to take out three Infernal Spires and defeat the boss to clear the land. It will then become a town with vendors, a waypoint, and side quests. The Blood and Sweat side quest is located on the south side of the town with a blue exclamation point on the map.

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The Blood and Sweat side quest can be activated by interacting with the Bloodstained Letter lying on the ground and will task players with searching for “Little Tuya.” Thankfully, it is not very far. The blue circle indicating where it can be is close by.

Players can walk back north and take the middle path onto the rooftop of the house in the center of the blue circle. There will be a few stones that can be interacted with, but Little Tuya will be underneath a Disturbed Stone on the ride side of the roof. Little Tuya is actually a Crude Doll, and picking it up will continue the side quest.

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Players will have to bring back the Crude Doll to the real Tuya, who is located in the town of Alzuuda. The town can be found on the west side of Dry Steppes and borders the Kehjistan region. Players may have to trek far if the waypoint is not already unlocked, but having a mount would make the trip easier. Alzuuda is within a PVP zone, but players are safe while traveling through the town.

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Tuya will be standing in the northern section of Alzuuda and can be easily followed from the map. Talking to her will hand over the Little Tuya doll and complete the quest. Players will receive a few resources, gold, and a little bit of XP for finishing the Blood and Sweat side quest.

Diablo 4 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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