If you’ve been experiencing problems when trying to access the App Store, it’s not just you. The App Store is currently down for users around the world. Although Apple is yet to acknowledge the problem, many people have been complaining about an ongoing outage affecting the App Store.

It’s not just you: App Store is currently down

There are no details about the outage on the Apple System Status webpage. However, when users tried to open the App Store on Wednesday night, they were met with error messages saying things like “Cannot Connect” and “Something went wrong.”

There are multiple posts on social networks from people complaining about the App Store not working for them. 9to5Mac can confirm that the outage has been affecting users across multiple platforms, including iOS, macOS, and tvOS.

Earlier this year, Apple’s online services faced an outage for hours. At the time, the outage also affected App Store Connect and Apple Music.

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