It’s undeniable that the Samsung Galaxy Watch is a powerful and stylish device. Not only can it track your fitness goals and help you stay connected to important notifications and news, but it looks great too! Samsung Galaxy smartwatches come with several default watch faces, and you can choose between them.

But if you want to personalize your style, you can tap into the vault containing many watch faces. It doesn’t matter if you own a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 pro, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, or an older version such as Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

The wide-ranging collection of watch faces is available in the Galaxy Store and Google Play Store. Whether your watch is powered by Google’s Wear OS or the older Samsung’s Tizen software, you’ll have some intriguing choices to select from. Whether you prefer a modern or classic finish, sleek design, or glittery glamor, our top picks of the best watch faces for your Samsung Galaxy Watch will have something perfect for every occasion.

Best Samsung Galaxy Watch Faces for Wear OS

Here are the top watch faces for your Samsung Galaxy watch that runs on the Wear OS.

1. Pixel Minimal Watch Face

Price: Free

If you like a minimalistic design and you want to apply it to your new Galaxy Watch 5 or Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, try the Pixel Minimal Watch Face. It’s free in the Google Play Store, but there are some in-app purchases available. This is not a flashy watch face, but it has a Google Pixel vibe to it. It’s clean and minimalistic, and it won’t distract you with too many details.

Pixel Minimal Watch Face will let you display simple widgets such as time, date, and temperature. But with a premium version, you can add more widgets such as battery status or real-time heart rate monitoring. This is a perfect Galaxy Watch face for all those who want to display their Wear OS device.

2. Health Dashboard

Price: Free

There are tons of apps that’ll help you follow your health metrics, both for smartphones and smartwatches. But when it comes to Wear OS, lots of these apps are overwhelming the users by displaying all the info at once. Health Dashboard is a watch face that keeps its layout clean and simple. All the activity levels are displayed around the edge of the watch instead of being clustered in the middle.

With this app, you can track how far you walked, ran, or even climbed. You can add or remove the stats you want to track, such as calories burned, or step count. The Health Dashboard is very detailed, and you’ll always have an insight into your health metrics.

3. Analog Watch Face

Price: free

Analog Watch Face brings us the nostalgia of simpler times. Show off the time on your Galaxy Smartwatch in a unique way. Although it looks simplistic and minimalistic, this watch’s face is highly customizable. You can change its complete look by selecting your analog style. It’ll display only the time, or you can add custom features such as battery status or date.

If you miss telling the time by looking at the minute, hour, and second hands, this is the Samsung Galaxy Watch face designed for you. Classy and clean but with the capability to display more, especially if you select the ambient mode.

4. Top Gun

Price: Free

If you’re searching for a unique watch face for your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch, Top Gun is an extremely popular choice. It has a sleek design and an easy-to-use interface with tons of features. The futuristic look offers different color themes, so you can match it with your personal style.

The Top Gun Galaxy Watch face has three complication slots that are customizable. Choose what to display, as well as when to display. This watch face will remain dark when you need it to look professional.

5. E-Look Watch Face

Price: Free

If you would like an animated watch face for your Galaxy smartwatch but you still want to display all the popular widgets and complications, E-Look might be the perfect choice. This digital face somehow manages to fit eight data fields without looking too cluttered and without order. It actually looks very modern and sleek, even though it displays tons of information.

You can customize this watch face to display temperature, step count, battery life, and more. But if you don’t have a Galaxy smartwatch, you can use this watch face as a clock widget on your smartphone, such as Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

6. Facer

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Facer is an app for all those who want complete freedom when it comes to personalizing your Galaxy Watch face. In fact, this app lets you create your own faces from scratch. You’ll have to come up with a complete design and simply add the widgets and complications of your choosing.

Even if you don’t want to design your own watch face, Facer will let you choose one of the preloaded watch faces. You’ll also be able to shop for more if you get bored with the in-app options. You can expand your choices to over a thousand.

Best Samsung Galaxy Watch Faces for Tizen

Here are the top watch faces for your Samsung Galaxy watch that runs on the Tizen OS.

1. Tomcat

Price: Free

Tomcat is a stylish watch face that’ll always be in. Its timeless design ensures elegance that can fit any occasion, from business meetings to sports events. The traditional analog look of this watch face is a great choice for those who need a vintage vibe. But you can customize the color schemes to make it more personal.

There are three complication slots, and you can set them to display anything from weather, compass, date, battery status, and step count. This is truly one of the nicer looking and cleanest digital watch faces out there.

2. Digital Neon

Price: Free

If you’re looking for a simple and easy-to-read watch face for your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, consider Digital Neon. This watch face is highly customizable but it has a pretty straightforward look that’s extremely basic. But that’s a good thing if you need your watch clean and decluttered from all those unnecessary widgets.

The digital clock fills the screen with large neon-colored numbers, but three small icons underneath are complications that can display one of 28 different types of information. You can customize it to show your workout, step counts, music, weather, date, and so much more. You can also choose the neon color of your liking.

3. Simple Analog

Price: Free

Simple Analog is a very traditional watch face that users still enjoy. That’s because it’s loaded with customization options such as background color or the size of the numbers. The heart rate icon has 23 different customization options.

Although customizable, this watch face is very minimalist and classy. Unfortunately, customization options are not available for the Galaxy Watch Active 1. Still, the design display is beautiful and worth a try.

4. Live Wallpaper

Price: free

Live Wallpaper is probably the best-looking Samsung Galaxy Watch face for older models. It’s a perfect choice for all those who want to move away from the static background. There are various effects you can choose from, and they resemble computer screen savers.

These watch faces are not widely customizable, but they are elegant and simply beautiful to look at. The movement of the background is mesmerizing, and the colors and abstract designs capture your attention. When you get bored of the current wallpaper, simply tap on your watch’s screen to change it.

5. Fresh

Price: Free

Fresh is the best Tizen Samsung Galaxy Watch face for fitness-focused people. It looks cool, and it won’t overwhelm your watch display with unnecessary stats and visuals. That’s because Fresh replaces the cornerstone numerals (12, 3, 6, and 9) with basic fitness metrics such as steps, calories burned, date, and climb.

The mix-toned quadrants in which the screen is divided give the impression of a three-dimensional space. The colorful clock hands make it easy to track time. However, you can’t customize the background or the color scheme, so this face won’t match every Samsung Galaxy wristband.

6. Pixel Heart

Price: Free

This Samsung Galaxy smartwatch face app focuses on tracking your heart rate. There are no other customizable complications. This watch face really wants to tell you the time and to be mindful of your heartbeat. A great option for all those concerned about their cardio performance.

However, the big red pixelated heart that’s always on display on the Galaxy Watch screen is quite a beautiful design choice. It’s simplistic but meaningful, and it can easily be nothing else but a style statement.

Customize Your Samsung Galaxy Watch

It’s always exciting to explore new watch faces and add a unique element to your smartwatch. There is something special about finding a watch face that captures a unique piece of you, whether that be a hobby, pet, or passion. With the twelve best watch faces for your Samsung Galaxy Watch all in one place, you can easily explore the wide range of possibilities and find the perfect one for you! Who knows? You might even find yourself with more than one favorite. After all, it’s always awesome to spruce up your watch and keep things fresh with the rotating selection. So what’s your favorite watch face? Let us know in the comments below!

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