Ever since the first Borderlands game, the series has prided itself on its use of over a “bazillion” guns. As one of the earliest and most beloved looter-shooters, Borderlands has seen a lot of guns throughout the series, with each new game featuring a unique bout of the best legendary guns in Borderlands. However, something that goes unnoticed, is the worst guns in Borderlands, the weapons that are worth selling immediately.

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The Borderlands games have always been comedic in tone and action, so it makes perfect sense that the games would troll their players with some of the worst loot imaginable. Players that find these Borderlands guns should steer clear from trying them out.



10 Eridian Mega Cannon

mega canon in borderlands

Eridian weapons always seem like a good time due to their rarity, and the fact that wielding a unique alien weapon is pretty cool. The Mega Cannon is a weapon from the first Borderlands game, and even though it’s a legendary weapon, it’s just not worth picking up amongst the other legendary weapons that the game has to offer, especially with the plethora of Eridian weapons.

The Mega Cannon requires more charge-up ammo to deal an insignificant amount of extra damage. Players will only be able to fire around one to two shots of the Mega Cannon before it needs to recharge, leaving players powerless to use it again for quite some time.

9 The Bane

In Borderlands 2, there’s a weapon that many may fear. The mission to obtain this weapon is from The Bane, which will see players hunt for this lost and deadly treasure. It’s a fun mission, but the reward is more of a troll than anything else, as the Bane gun offers nothing of use other than annoyance, even in the post-game content.

With the Bane in hand, players will have an incredibly reduced movement speed that will see them barely able to walk. The gun also has a voice module that has high-pitched screams when reloading and firing, almost deafening players. It is certainly not worth the increased damage and magazine size, especially when players cannot even move to their target.

8 Manual Transmission

borderlands tiny tina's wonderland manual transmission

There’s an enjoyability from the random and quirky weapons in the Borderlands games. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands features a weapon called Manual Transmission, which does everything it says. The gun is a gear shift, and players will need to change gears themselves whilst shooting. Each gear changed, players will deal more damage at greater speeds.

However, the issue lies within the mechanic itself. Players will need to constantly keep their eyes on their ammo count so they can know when to change gears appropriately. The gimmick for the Manual Transmission is a fun one, but not worth experimenting with for its lack of damage and control.

7 Min Min Lighter

min min lighter gun

Laser weapons are unique to Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and considering these weapons are unique, it would make sense for a legendary laser weapon to be great. However, that is not the case with the Min Min Lighter, which is a Tediore weapon that lacks any real strengths and has far too many downsides to being useful.

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The Min Min Lighter has a terrible rate of fire, and despite always electrocuting and shocking enemies, the lightning balls that it fires just don’t harbor a considerable amount of damage to be useful. Each shot consumes 5 ammo, and players are much better off using something quicker.

6 Antique Greatbow

antique greatbow sniper

Sniper rifles have never really been the most fun weapons to use in Borderlands, especially when there’s a domination of rapid-fire guns and shotguns galore. However, the Antique Greatbow sniper rifle from Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands does something more unique than the average sniper, and that is not a positive thing.

The Antique Greatbow may seem amazing, thanks to its increase in critical hit damage, gun damage, and weapon ward capacity. It’s even a gun that can sell for a huge amount. Yet, all of that falters once the gun is fired. Once it’s fired, the gun breaks and the damage is far reduced. What a pity!

5 The Lob

borderlands 3 the lob gun

It’s best not to be fooled by the Eldritch-looking weapon in Borderlands 3. The Lob already cements itself as a bad gun due to its stats, which can promise things like negative weapon damage. Nobody likes to see negative numbers, but this is not even the worst part of the Lob, as what makes it a failure of a weapon is the fact that it fires as projectiles that will fly around in random directions.

The gun is random, and players need to hope that the orbs they fire with the Lob will cross the paths of their enemies. There are far better splash-damage weapons than the Lob. It’s a legendary weapon that requires too much chance, and not enough damage.

4 The Gasher

the gasher smg

SMGs are always rather versatile, but in the first Borderlands game, the Gasher lacks the enjoyability that players can find with most SMGs. This specific SMG will fire in three-round bursts, which somehow decreases accuracy, and increases recoil, but bolsters a rather useless boost to fire rate, damage, and clip size.

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The Gasher is a pointless legendary gun because having increased damage is rather meaningless when players can’t hit their shots to get their bonuses. The cost of 6 bullets per shot just means players are wasting viable ammo and weapon slots, although it’s a difficult weapon to bolster the difficulty for this RPG.

3 Sledge’s Shotgun

sledge's shotgun

As one of the most famous legendary weapons from Borderlands, the gun makes a less-than-triumphant return in Borderlands 2. The gun lacks the knockback weapon effect that made the original so fun and useful. Now, Sledge’s Shotgun is a shell of its former self and acts more like a normal shotgun than a legendary one.

It may have plenty of bullets, but it doesn’t have the punch that the original does. It truly lacks because of the lack of the knockback perk, and players are better off using one of the many great legendary shotguns in Borderlands2 rather than this nostalgia bait weapon.

2 Fusillade

Fusillade machine gun

In The Claptastic Voyage DLC for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, players have a chance to loot Fusillade, a legendary assault rifle that is better left un-looted. Despite the special weapon effects of increased damage, reload speed, fire rate, and accuracy, it seems that none of these effects matter when it comes to shooting the gun itself.

The overall damage of Fusillade is underwhelming, whether that’s at short range or long range. The gun may offer a lot of ammo and a quick fire rate, but that just means players will expend more ammo than normal in trying to kill one enemy, not to mention the bullets that will inevitably miss.

1 Night Flyer

borderlands 3 night flyer

No gun perfects the gimmick quite like Night Flyer from Borderlands 3. This gun is a complete parody of Batman, hence why it can only be obtained through a random drop from killing I’m Rakkman. This Borderlands 3 pistol has a unique and fun special weapon effect, but one that makes it entirely useless, other to those that enjoy pretending to be Batman.

With the “I have one rule” effect, players can deal increased damage and fire rate with the Night Flyer. However, enemies cannot be killed, and they will be immune to bullets from the Night Flyer once they have 1 HP left. It’s a pointless weapon, as players will have to switch weapons just to get the kill shot.

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