Who’d want to spend time doing their own boring job when they could pick up one of those awesome job simulator games? It’s a great way to not only feel productive, but also have some fun while experiencing what your life might have been like had you made some very different choices.

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What makes a job simulator truly great will differ depending on your taste. You might be someone who wants realism in your simulators, but you could just as easily be someone who craves a fun experience, even if it sacrifices realism. Whatever the case, you’ll find that there are plenty of awesome job simulators to give a try.



10 PowerWash Simulator

Car Garage Van Washing In Powerwash Simulator

While something as mundane sounding as PowerWash Simulator may not appeal to everyone at first, almost everyone who picks this game up ends up enjoying it for one reason or another. It doesn’t apologize for being a goofy simulator game, and you might just love that.

You really are doing exactly what the title of the game suggests, you powerwash things. It’s a relatively simple game, but the character that the game oozes and the quick fun make it an easy one to jump into for those with little time to game on their hands. Plus, with crossovers with Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, and more to come, what’s not to love?

9 Papers, Please

Papers, Please puzzle gameplay

This little simulation game is one that might surprise you. Some people think most simulators are overly simplistic, but Papers, Please adds a fun layer of puzzle-bassed gameplay. You are an immigration officer at the border of a fictional country.

It’s your job to decide who gets in or not, and it gets a lot more complex than you might think. The small little dystopian game is one that any simulator fan should give a try at least once, even if you aren’t a fan of tricky puzzles.

8 Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Flying Over A Tropical Cityscape

This game is one that you’ll love if you’ve always wondered what it would take to become a pilot. Microsoft Flight Simulator is a fun but complicated and tricky simulation game that lets you take to the skies as much as you’d like.

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There are a variety of different aircraft to learn to pilot and even more airports to take off from and land at. The game is probably a wannabe pilot’s dream, especially because of how detailed the various aspects of the game can be.

7 Farming Simulator

Farming Simulator 23

You can become a farmer in a game that does its best to simulate the experience for real in Farming Simulator 22. Since the game has been coming out for years, the experience has only continued to improve and expand, and this entry is no different.

There are tons of unique crops and a whole host of different farm equipment for you to give a try. You’ll gain a whole new level of respect for all the work that farmers have to go through as you do your best to make a farm anyone would be proud of.

6 Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon office gameplay

If you’ve always been a fan of video game development, but have no idea what goes into the more complex part of that task, you may enjoy Game Dev Tycoon. This game simulates the experience of an amateur developer as the grow with success.

You’ll start out in a simple little garage, but you’ll have the ability to expand the more success you find. It may sound a bit simple, but that’s part of this game’s charm, and it’s packed to the brim with charm.

5 Car Mechanic Simulator

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 Gameplay

If you’re big into cars, Car Mechanic Simulator might be one of your new favorite games. The game lets you take the role of a mechanic as you fix different cars for a growing list of clients, with problems that range a rather wide variety.

There are tons of cars for you to work on and a ton of different parts to play around with, meaning you might actually learn something you can apply to your own life by playing around in this game. There are other little quirks, but most people love getting to work on the cars.

4 Kerbal Space Program

kerbal space program 2 rocket launching on pad

Just about everyone will know Kerbal Space Program well. It’s a complex little game, but one that can be incredibly rewarding for those willing to put in the work. This simulator lets you take the time to build and launch a rocket into outer space and carry out missions.

While you might think a simulator game like this would take it easy on you, you have to put in a lot of work to even have a successful launch, while reaching outer space will be a whole other conversation. If you love really digging into a game, Kerbal Space Program is a great pick.

3 House Flipper

Smashing a wall with a sledgehammer in a house in House Flipper

You may hear about friends or people on social media getting into the house-flipping game, but usually, those people aren’t talking about the literal game House Flipper. In this simulator, you work on houses and then try to resell them to earn a profit on your investment.

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There are plenty of abysmal homes for you to completely makeover. It may not sound like the most thrilling gameplay around, but a lot of people seem to find the game to be quite relaxing to throw on and lose themselves in.

2 Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital Multiple Rooms With Patients

If you’ve ever thought that you had some ideas that could make a difference in the medical system in your country, you might want to give Two Point Hospital a try. The game lets you act as the operator of various hospitals.

It may not be as realistic as other simulation games, but sometimes all you need is some simple fun. Realistically, the focus on creating a bit of a sillier atmosphere was probably purposeful considering the fact that pretty much everyone on the planet hates hospitals.

1 Cooking Simulator

Vegetable Perfectly Cut on cutting Board in Cooking Simulator

This simulator game probably doesn’t require any explanation, but just in case it does, you get to do a lot of cooking. You can actually play a fun career mode in Cooking Simulator, and it is a game that can improve your cooking skills to some degree.

While a lot of educational games are boring, this one can teach you new skills and recipes, especially if you’ve never spent any time in the kitchen. Put on your best chef hat and apron and get to cooking in this fun simulator game.

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